EMG Pickup Demo: 81x 85x

Nicki and her guitarist Paul Killion review the EMG 81x and 85x pickups.

You can hear the pickups through different amp plug ins.


New Music Video for the single off their record: “Inside Your Wasteland”

Nicki Tedesco’s “Frantic Ginger” has a new video for their single: “Suicide Note”

Sick As Freak (Official Music Video)

Sick As Freak performed by Frantic Ginger.
Official Premier April 8th, 2014!!!

Nicki Plays Dubstep on the bass!

Using Hot Hand technology and some funky pedals, Nicki plays a cool dubstep jam. Written by Nicki and programmed by Alex Guadagnoli

Come see Nicki play at the Universal Audio booth @uaudio everyday at Namm. 1,2 and 4pm! Playing with Will Knox, engineering by Fab Dupont!!!

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Nicki’s cover of Hysteria by Muse

Anesthesia (Pulling Teeth) cover by Nicki

A cover of Anesthesia (Pulling Teeth) by the great Cliff Burton!